Great Ways to Home Educate (GWHE) is an all-volunteer, nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization supporting homeschooling families in Connecticut's Litchfield, New Haven, Fairfield, and Hartford counties.

Western Connecticut Homeschool Co-op

Western Connecticut Homeschool Co-op (WCHSC) is a secular organization with the mission to offer academic, enrichment and social activities for our homeschooled children. We meet one day a week (Tuesdays) as a community of teachers and learners. Our group is inclusive and non-sectarian, and we strive to create an environment that encourages kindness and respect. We have classes for ages 5 -18, each within their age group. We meet one day a week, on Tuesdays, from 9:30 am to 2:30 pm. The daily schedule includes four class periods and lunch/recess. The year's calendar is divided into three separate sessions: fall, winter, and spring. For the fall session, we have the following classes: Writing, STEM Challenge, Art Class, Current Events: Upbeat Stories, Educational Games, Fun Read-Alouds, Lego Playtime, K’Nex Creative Building, Improv, Flag Football, Knitting for Beginners, Acting with Movement, and more!

2016/2017 calendar:

  • Session 1 (12 weeks, off Thanksgiving week)
    September 13 – December 6, 2016
  • Session 2 (10 weeks)
    January - March 2017
  • Session 3 (10 weeks)
    March – May 2017

If you would like more information, please contact our New Families Coordinator at, or visit our website You can then join us for our 10-week Winter Session and/or Spring Session.

Homeschool Soccer

Just about every Saturday morning during the spring, summer, and fall, you will find a group of us homeschoolers playing soccer at Veterans' Memorial Park in Watertown, and having a blast. We keep it very informal, and emphasize having fun, learning the basics of the game (dribbling, passing, shooting, defending, throw-ins, etc), and working together as a team.

There is no requirement to be there every Saturday, we just make up the teams each week from whoever is there.

Date: Saturday Mornings
Time: From 10 AM to noon (and sometimes longer than that!)
Where: Usually Soccer Field 2 - Veterans' Memorial Park in Watertown (but sometimes on another field)
Who: All children ages 8 to 80

We highly recommend wearing shin guards and sneakers or soccer cleats. Bring a soccer ball if you have one, but it's not required. Please contact to be added to our email list for this activity.

Homeschooling Our Special Kids in CT

For more information about any of these events and/or to post your own event, please feel free to contact Terri via e-mail at or by telephone at (203) 758-6698.

Apple Picking & Hay Ride
This is a yearly tradition! We always have a blast picking apples and taking a hay ride. This is not a structured activity – so feel free to bring your whole family and/or friends! Let us know if you’ll be coming!
Where: Hickory Hill Farm in Cheshire!
When: Saturday, September 24th, 1:00 PM
RSVP by September 17th

Park Days
Weather permitting; please join us at the Field of Dreams in Prospect at 3:30 PM on the dates listed below!

  • Tuesday, September 20th
  • Thursday, September 29th
  • Tuesday, October 18th
  • Monday, October 24th
Grab a Frisbee or a soccer ball and come join us! Feel free to bring a friend! RSVP, if you plan on attending, so I can contact you if plans change.

Informational Session: Applying Your Child’s Learning Style(s) to Instruction
with Pat Mattas, Speaker, Tutor, Home Educator Extraordinaire ~ This informational session should prove quite beneficial and fun! Come join us as you begin to start your school year. Some dear friends and veteran homeschool moms will also be available to share, encourage, and answer questions. Muffins, and coffee & tea will be served.
Where: 17 Horizon View, Prospect
When: Saturday, October 22nd, 2:00 - 4:00 PM
RSVP by Saturday, October 1st (Space is limited)

Christmas Gathering
Bring a snack to share and come hang out with old friends!
Where: Prospect Meeting Place, Center Street, Prospect When: Friday, December 9th, 1:00-4:00
RSVP by December 1st

For more information about any of these events and/or to post your own event, please feel free to contact Terri via e-mail at or by telephone (203) 758-6698.

Special Upcoming Events

A Special Meeting & Discussion: “How Difficult Can This Be? The F.A.T. City Workshop”
In this 70 minute video, Richard Lavoie demonstrates the “frustration, anger, and tension that the learning disabled children typically experience… The purpose of this video is to sensitize parents, teachers… and to educate them towards different modes of interaction with the students.” This meeting will be facilitated by our very own, Jill Bishop!
Where: 17 Horizon View, Prospect
When: TBD

Other Meetings & Discussion Topics

  • Help for the Struggling Learner
  • How to Plan an Effective School Program for the Challenging Learner
  • The Legalities of Home Education
  • Your Time, Your Day, & Your Life!

HS College-Bound

Homeschooling the College-Bound Student
This program addresses the principal concerns parents have about homeschooling through high school:
The High School Curriculum
All about credits, assigning grades, AP tests and scores, college courses, online courses, and courses just done at home.
Applying to College
Transcripts & record keeping, testing, the common app, admissions and homeschooling; also college visits, interviews, what to consider when choosing a school, merit aid vs. need-blind, early action vs early decision, and more.

HS College-Bound Blog: The development of the adolescent mind.
The blog discusses how the study of high-school content contributes to the development of reasoning and imagining in the adolescent mind.

Learn Electronics by Doing

Theory is pretty thin stuff until it's mixed with experience...

Hands-On Electronic Kits and Curriculum
Don't Just Build Something... Learn Something!

The best way to truly learn something requires that you make use of what you have just studied by actively using it. Therefore, the best way to learn electronics is to build something. This kit is intended to provide a high interest project that will teach the basic operation and functions of an oscilloscope by building it one functional module at a time.

A source of test signals will be needed to demonstrate and study the scope as it is being built , so the Signal-Generator Practice board is the first part of the project. This provides a non-critical place to learn soldering and unsoldering skills, how to identify and test components, how to read schematics, use a Digital Multi Meter (DMM), and apply some basic math to analyze these test circuits.

Because a standard Cathode Ray Tube (CRT) oscilloscope uses very high voltages to drive the display, this kit replaces the CRT with an array of low voltage LEDs. Though this complicates the design, it provides two additional advantages: 1) there are more examples of how to use digital logic, and 2) the display can be reused in part-3 to teach microprocessor programming to create graphic displays.

Independent College Counseling Services

PARENTS: Navigating the college process can be overwhelming, bewildering, confusing, time consuming and incredibly frustrating. If you find your teen in tears, overly anxious, stressed out or exasperated with what to do, when to do it, where to go, and with whom to speak, I'm here to help.

STUDENTS: Together we will:

  • prioritize your college admission's TO-DO list and keep you accountable for it
  • focus your search parameters based on a number of criteria
  • determine what standardized tests to take, when and how often
  • develop an academic resume
  • discuss who best to write letters of recommendation
  • complete and submit the Common App including the dreaded essays
  • review application supplemental materials (required by some schools)
  • research Financial Aid, Scholarship and Grant opportunities
  • plan and prep for college tours, interviews, overnights, etc.
  • set realistic expectations based on your interests, abilities, achievements, experiences & finances
  • celebrate your acceptances

Contact: Francesca Morrissey

Francesca has a B.A. from Loyola University (Maryland) and an M.A. in English Literature from Iona College and has worked in various industries over the past 25 years including software, education, the not-for-profit sector, fitness, and hotel management.

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